Business Planning Services Pakistan: Being an online Accountancy Services provider and a business plan consultant, Escrow Consulting Group is offering an impressive package of the Business Planning services Pakistan to facilitate you with useful and practical ideas in order to improve your business health. Whether you are a small business setup or a large organization with comprehensive operations, or an established business moving in a new direction, ECG is here to assist you with its prestigious and efficient services.

Our business plan consultants have got the valuable strategic insights with the right mix of experience to offer you business planning service and skills that allow us to offer you suggestive support in the accomplishment of your business strategies and goals.

Business Planning Services Pakistan:

For your understanding, a business plan is a strategy or road map for business’s future which evaluates and describes the objectives, structure, product and service offerings, financial forecasts, etc. of the business to the external and internal users.

It usually has three basic purposes:

  1. Communication
  2. Management
  3. Planning


A business plan might be used as a communication tool to attract investment capital, to the security of loans, and to encourage employees in the achievement of organizational goals. In addition, it appears helpful in attracting strategic business partnerships. ECG supports you in the establishment of a comprehensive business plan that provides useful information to the users regarding your business’s strategic direction and future policies and operations.


A business plan is also a management tool that helps with tracking, monitoring and evaluating the progress of your business.  It is often used for establishing the turning points of the business, enabling you to determine the rate of your progress, and acts as a feedback mechanism. Our business consultant can entertain you with guidance in managing and updating your business plan as per changes occurred in the global market and local and international business sectors.


As a planning tool, a business plan is a route to be followed in order to fulfill the requirements of achievement of your business’s strategic objectives and its overall mission. In addition, sharing the business plan at different levels of the organization can generate a better understanding of organizational goals and objectives.

ECG does consider the planning phase as an important step in the Business Planning Consulting process and delivers valuable perception to you that enables your business to run on a successful path. For more information

Business Planning Services Pakistan