We do outsourced accounting for you.

Full Charge Bookkeeping:

Escrow provides full charge bookkeeping services and outsourced accounting using leading platforms.

Receivable Management:

Escrow manages your receivable function so that your invoices are sent out timely and are followed upon.

Payable Management:

Escrow manages your payable function to make sure all the bill are setup properly and paid promptly.


Escrow can also perform various type of audit services such as financial audit, VFM audit and revenue cycle audit to name a few.

Financial statements preparation:

Escrow can prepare all type of financial statements for your business including budgets and forecasts.

Payroll setup & management:

Escrow can setup your payroll for payroll taxes and process it periodically.

Registration, computation and submission of taxes:

Escrow can help you register for various taxes, taxes computation and filing of various tax returns.

Industry benchmarking:

Escrow can compare your company performance with industry benchmarks.

Bank reconciliations:

Escrow can perform reconciliations of all type of your accounts including checking, savings, credit cards, and Paypal to name a few.

Identifying and setting up financial & non-financial KPI’s: Change setting to: KPI setup)

Escrow can setup financial and non-financial KPI’s (Key performance indicators) and monitor your business progress toward them.

Risk Management:

Escrow can identify your business risks and advise on suitable strategy to manage risks.

Financial KPI dashboard:

Escrow can prepare a financial KPI dashboard for your business.

Cash flow management:

Escrow can manage your business cash flow by planning outflows and inflows.

Financial forecasting:

Escrow can prepare all type of forecasted financial statements for your business and do outsourced accounting.

Business planning:

Escrow provides a professional business and marketing plan which contains most important information of your business.