Escrow Consulting Group offers Payroll Setup & Management services as well. This area deals with the administration of the financial record related to employees, their salaries and wages, bonuses, net pay, as well as deductions. With the provision of accounting help for small businesses, we aim to make a difference in the industry, allowing you to reach your desired benchmarks.

Payroll setup & management services were never so easy to avail but with the advent of cloud technology payroll setup and management is very easy to outsource to a trusted party.

A good Payroll Management system can help a business with the following:

Improve the morale of employees:
If your employees feel like their job is not stable and they are not being paid on time, they might start to look elsewhere. A Payroll Management system will ensure that all last-minute glitches and manual errors are taken care of so that your employees’ morale is always high.

Lower tax bills:
If you do not manage your employees’ records, you may end up in a situation where you have to pay fines for mismanaged records. It is important that taxes and TDS be deducted from the salary and all of these be recorded properly. In this sense, Payroll Management software can be of help and help you reduce the chances of paying legal fines.

It helps even new startup owners:
If you are a new startup owner, you will have to don many hats in the initial stages. One of them is managing payroll. Now, instead of doing this on your own and risking manual errors, you can use established management software and handle your company’s finances.

It can reduce overheads:
Instead of outsourcing your payroll to someone else, doing it in-house will save you a lot of money. Plus you’ll have better control of your own finances.

Payroll Benefits