Escrow Consulting Group offers financial outsourcing services in a realm of its own. This includes a financial statement analysis which involves identification of the trends, proportion analysis and financial statement analysis for a company. Monthly bookkeeping services help you in getting value in an affordable and easy manner. Here is the segregated information with regards to financial analysis.


Create trend lines for key items in the financial statements over multiple time periods to see how the company is performing.

Proportion Analysis

An array of ratios is available for discerning the relationship between the size of various accounts in the financial statements. For example, you can calculate a company’s quick ratio to estimate its ability to pay the immediate liabilities, or its debt to equity ratio to see if it has taken on too much debt.

Users of Financial Statement Analysis

There are a number of users of financial statement analysis including internal and external stakeholders.

  • Debtors
  • Creditors
  • Employees
  • Regulatory authorities
  • Government
  • Security and Exchange Commission
  • Current and prospective investors
  • The public at large