Introduction to Financial Analysis

The Financial Analysis (also called Accounting or Financial Statements Analysis) is a process to make an assessment of the feasibility, stability and profitability of a business in the current as well as future periods of accounting services. It often includes a comparison of company’s performance and its position in financial terms, to either earlier periods of time or to its competitors in order to determine whether the company will be successfully running in its operations or it has an attractive market share.

It also involves ratio analysis based on company’s financial statements to conclude the company’s performance and position in terms of profitability, liquidity and financing. For general understanding, these terms can be summarized as follows:


It refers to the ability of a business to earn money and to maintain a consistent growth in its operations both in short and long term. In other words, it reflects the overall financial health of a business.


It reflects the firm’s ability to maintain the positive cash flows after settling its obligations. In simple terms, the availability of surplus funds after paying the liabilities.


It shows how the company is obtaining money to finance its operations or to make investments. It also provides insight about company’s reliance on debt in terms of arranging money for business’s operations which might be riskier in long term.

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Financial Analysis